Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Is it for me?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is one of the two internationally taught and recognised eight-week mindfulness courses (the other being Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, which we also run). MBCT is an intensive, evidence-based mindfulness course geared for anyone seeking an intensive grounding in mindfulness training, or to develop greater self-awareness. The course may also be suitable for those with a history of recurrent depression and/or anxiety. In line with our company ethos, the course will be expertly delivered in a supportive, relaxed setting, led by a sensitive, highly experienced teacher.

What is MBCT and how can it help?

Yoga at the Mill is proud to be offering the ground-breaking MBCT; an intensive eight-week, evidence-based training in mindfulness meditation (with elements from cognitive therapy), for anyone seeking to improve wellbeing through intensive grounding in mindfulness training. 

MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
MBCT is offered around the world as a structured eight-week group course. The programme is now recommended by the NHS, for those seeking to enhance emotional, mental and emotional wellbeing through mindfulness training. 

Due to some of the contents of the course shining a gentle light of awareness on how we are in relationship to our thoughts and emotions, MBCT may also be suitable for those with a history of low, mood, recurrent depression and/or anxiety. 

One of the intentions of the course is to gently interrupt the automatic thought processes that can lead to low mood, depression and/or anxiety, enabling participants to become aware of their own personal trigger points that may lead further towards distress. 

Regular and consistent practice of mindfulness meditation has been shown to positively affect how the brain works, and even its structure. 

Those undertaking mindfulness training show (in the space of just eight weeks) increased activity in the area of the brain associated with positive emotion – the pre-frontal cortex, which is generally less active when people are feeling down, or depressed. In fact, recent science has shown that MBCT training typically cuts relapse rates for recurrent depression by 50% or more.

Who can benefit from MBCT training?

Over time, the training received by the MBCT course can help anyone develop healthier relationships to their own thoughts and emotions, enabling us to learn life skills to enhance our wellbeing. 

However, mindfulness training is no 'quick fix'. It is essential that participants are prepared to (and are in the position to) set aside time for around 30-45 minutes of daily home meditation practice. Please also be aware that the course is not suitable for those currently depressed, or experiencing significant upheaval. 

There is no restriction on age or background; the course is open to anyone open to the process. MBCT is taught in an accessible, entirely secular way and is capped at 12 participants. 

Course details

Skills taught on the MBCT course

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy aims to:

Boost self-awareness and self-compassion
Dramatically increase our ability to be aware of the power (and potential harm) or our own thoughts
Connect us to our own emotions without trying to change ourselves in any way. 
Improve our awareness of our body and our capacity to take care of ourselves
Improve concentration
Boost wellbeing (ability to relax, sleep, feel positive) by helping to stabilise mood

Course outline

  • Week 1 - Awareness and automatic pilot - stepping out of “doing mode” into “being mode”
  • Week 2 - Living in our heads - paying attention on purpose, in each moment, without judgement
  • Week 3 - Gathering the scattered mind - coming back to the here and now
  • Week 4 - Recognising aversion - becoming aware of experience so we can respond mindfully
  • Week 5 - Allowing/Letting be - working towards acceptance and kindness to experience
  • Week 6 - Thoughts are not facts - ways to see thoughts differently
  • Week 7 - “How can I best take care of myself?” - using skillful action to take care of ourselves in the face of lowering mood
  • Week 8 - Maintaining and extending new learning - keep breathing!

Evidence supporting MBCT

The UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended MBCT as a primary treatment for preventing relapse in depression. For more detailed information about the MBCT, and how it came to be recognised by NICE. For further reading, please refer to:

Additional research (April 2015) found MBCT to be as effective as anti-depressants at treating recurring depression. See the Guardian website for further information:

Fast facts

Dates and booking:

Our next MBCT course will run:

October 2 - November 27, 2018: 
eight Tuesday evenings, 7.30-9.30pm.

(no class October 23 - half term)


- standard rate: £345.

- for current students (members and non-members) of Yoga at the Mill, there is a 10% reduction - to £310. 

- for previous Mindfulness Foundation students there is also a 10% reduction. 

In all cases, payment options are as follows:

- The full balance in advance. 
- A non-refundable 50% deposit to secure a place (balance due 14 days prior to the start of the course). 
- monthly installments. The final installment must be paid in the month in which the course begins. 


An informal 15-minute telephone chat before enrolment is a prerequisite of the course. In the first instance, please drop us a line via the contact form. We will then be in touch to arrange a chat at your convenience.


To decide whether our MBCT course is right for you, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like an intensive introduction to mindfulness training and can commit to the process?
  • Can you commit to spending 30-45 minutes every day practicing MBCT at home?
  • Are you able to put in the necessary effort to complete the 8 week course?
  • Are you currently free from moderate-to-severe depression and anxiety?

If you answered 'Yes' to all the above, please get in touch.

About our teachers

Abi Eldredd, MBCT Facilitator

Abi Eldred (Cornerstone Psychological Services) is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with extensive experience of working with emotional and mental health issues. She is keen to promote positive mental wellness and to emphasise the connections between mind, body and mood in order to maintain and improve mental wellbeing, thus reducing stress and anxiety.

Abi is trained in a number of therapeutic approaches including MBCT, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and EMDR.


"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the January 2016 MBCT course. I have found it life-changing, and am not sure how I coped without meditation."

MBCT Course
Rated: 5 stars out of 5.
Customer: Caroline B
When: April 2016

"I loved the opportunity to explore different mindfulness techniques. Having weekly homework assingments focused me to practice and incorporate meditation into my daily routine. The teaching and venue were excellent - and our teacher, Abi, was endlessly patient, helpful and enthusiastic."

MBCT Course
Rated: 5 stars out of 5.
Customer: Claire G
When: April 2016