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Is it for me?

We are proud to have been running our popular Mindfulness Foundation courses for the last eight years, with the number of graduates running into the thousands. Suitable for anyone interested in mindfulness or meditation in general, our five week Foundation course has been designed as a lighter, less intensive form of mindfulness training than the two internationally recognised eight-week courses, MBSR and MBCT (both of which we also run). We aim to teach the main mindfulness practices, with weekly handouts and guidance for 10 / 15 minutes' daily home meditation practice. These courses are especially useful for those interested in experiencing the benefits of meditation but concerned about posture, or religious or dogmatic undertones. As such, the Mindfulness Foundation course is accessible to all - the only requirements being an open mind, an engagement with the process of developing awareness (which does take work and commitment), and the willingness to commit to a short daily practice at home. 

Why take a Mindfulness Foundation course with us?

Do you think you 'can't' meditate, or are worried about long periods of sitting on the floor? If so, these friendly, accessible courses may be for you.

Woman meditating
All our Mindfulness Foundation courses are capped at ten people, allowing for a personal, informal atmosphere. Each session is a mix of practice and discussion. Handouts are given at the end of each class, with pointers for home practice.

Having struggled with posture ourselves, we are very careful to give many different options during our periods of formal meditation. We enjoy many of the practices lying down, and have access to plenty of chairs.

The home practice suggested is based on the meditations that come free with the bestselling book, Frantic World, by Professor Mark Williams.

Each four or five week course aims to introduce participants to different forms of mindful awareness, including breath-centered practice, eating meditation (sometimes with chocolate!), the body scan and GENTLE mindful movement. 

Taken as a whole, with a daily home practice, the intention is for you to find new, healthy ways to nurture your wellbeing, helping the central nervous system re-balance, lowering stress levels and possibly aiding sleep and relaxation. 

Course outline (may change, depending on length of course and group)

  • Week One: Practice: Mindfulness of Body and Breath. What is mindfulness? - What is the difference beween mindfulness and meditation? What is mindfulness NOT?.
  • Week Two: Mindfulness of Body and Breath. Discussion around home practice. Informal and formal practice - what's the difference? - So why focus on the body?.
  • Week Three - Introducing the Body Scan and Breathing Space through practice and theory. Discussion around home practice.
  • Week Four: Befriending: fostering self-compassion and compassion. The importance of allowing things to be as they are. Our relationship to our thoughts: thoughts are not facts. Gentle Mindful Movement.
  • Week Five - Taking practice forward: what now? Suggestions, tips for home practice and further courses. Why continue meditating?

Fast facts

Autumn / winter 2018/9:

Thursday evenings:

Oct 25 - Dec 6, 2018 (no class Nov 7 or 29): five weeks
7.45 - 9pm
Investment: £79. Book here.

Jan 10 - Feb 7, 2019: five weeks
7.45 - 9pm
Investment: £79. Book here.

For details of our other mindfulness courses and classes, click here for our main meditation schedule page.

Price is inclusive of weekly handouts, email support and guidance for audio meditations for home practice. 

Price is exclusive of the book we will be working from, Frantic World, by Mark Williams. 


For dates and booking, see pink 'book here' buttons, in box above.


To decide whether our Foundation courses are for you, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you heard about the benefits of meditation and would like to learn in a supportive, small group setting?
  • Has a friend or GP suggested taking up meditation?
  • Do you struggle with an over-active mind, feeling stressed or sleeping poorly?
  • Would you like to experience the benefits of mindfulness in a relaxed setting which is completely free of dogma or religion?

What shall I bring?

All equipment is provided for you, so there's no need to bring your own mat, blanket, bolster or block - we have everything you will need. :)

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.


"I feel much more present since beginning the Foundation course and have found this feeling intensifying. I am finding I am on my phone much less and catching myself on autopilot during the day. I feel less reactive. I loved the experiential nature of the practices we did and thought the teaching and format were excellent - a great mix of class practice, theory and home practice. I am grateful for this experience and for the introduction of mindfulness into my daily life. Thank you."

Mindfulness Foundation
Rated: 5 stars out of 5.
Customer: Katy A
When: December 2016

"I first discovered meditation through Yoga at the Mill's Wednesday lunch-time drop-in class, and then went onto take the Mindfulness Foundation course. Since I have been practising meditation most days, it has made the most enormous difference to me, both in terms of how I feel after meditating, and in making good choices about important things in life: how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and - in general - how to best look after myself."

Mindfulness Foundation
Rated: 5 stars out of 5.
Customer: Anne-Marie S
When: April 2016