Silent Mindfulness Day Retreats


Is this for me?

Our small group mindfulness day retreats are a golden opportunity to spend an uninterrupted break from 'to do' lists and busy schedules, to take care of yourself in a safe, quiet space. These small group day retreats are intended to nourish mind and body, and are equally suitable for beginners to mindfulness as well as those with previous experience looking for a refresher. In line with all our mindfulness courses and classes, the practices are delivered in a secular, accessible way.  We promise a deeply nurturing experience that is free of religion and mumbo-jumbo. :)

Why take a Silent Day retreat with us?

Perhaps you are feeling frazzled by endless demands, stressed or just plain tired? These small group day retreats (max ten students) are offered as a chance to switch off phones and laptops and give yourself a good dose of essential self-care, in a deeply nurturing environment. You'll be in good hands: through our sister company Satvada Retreats, we have been running highly regarded and reviewed retreats for over a decade.

Coming out of our heads, into our bodies

Silent Day Retreats
To be 'mindful' simply means to be present to what arises in a gentle, uncritical way, without adding our own unnecessary layers of interpretation and suffering. Mindfulness practices involve tuning into our body's direct sensory experience in an open, gently attentive way.

Although a simple intention, as human beings, our minds tend to be continually worrying about the future or past, and we lose sight of our direct experience of the present moment.

Mindfulness training aims to teach us what we already know (and knew inherently as children), but have just forgotten: our inherent ability to accept, and be fully present, to each moment as it arises. We re-learn this mode of being by bringing awareness to our senses, breath, and body.

More about our the format of the day

The days are offered in with the group largely in silence, and the teacher talking the group through the various practices. There will be time, at the close of the day, to reflect on your experience with others. In our 24:7 society, it is very rare to have this opportunity for quiet time without noise or demands - the experience of retreating from the usual hubub can be hugely nourishing. 

During the day, we will experience a range of different mindfulness-based practices, from the Body Scan and Mindfulness of Breathing, through to Mindful Eating, Walking Meditation and Gentle Mindful Movement.

You are invited to bring your own lunch and to enjoy a mindful eating experience in the lunch-break, still free of mobile phones and chatter! Alternatively, you can enjoy lunch at Moulsham Mill's downstairs cafe, or walk into the town centre by the river.

Our setting for the day

Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford
Our setting is our lovely, dedicated meditation and yoga studio, in the heart of Chelmsford, backing onto fields and the river Can. 

There is a large field in the Mill grounds, which we sometimes use for these one day retreats.

Moulsham Mill is just a short walk along the river from Chelmsford Town Centre, and so is easily accessible, even if you are arriving from out of Chelmsford via train.

Fast facts

Dates, timings and cost:

Saturday July 20, 2019
 - 11.30am - 4.30pm

Standard price for the day: £75

Reduced price for Yoga at the Mill clients, including graduates of our mindfulness courses: Mindfulness Foundation course, MBSR, and MBCT: £65

Prices exclude lunch and travel.


For  booking, please go to our Meditation Schedule page.


To decide whether our Silent Day Retreat is for you, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you interested in trying meditation in a reflective, silent environment?
  • Would you like to deepen your existing mindfulness practice?
  • Are you looking to drop out of busyness, into a day's renewing silence?

What shall I bring?

Please bring your own lunch to enjoy. Alternatively, Chelmsford town centre is an 8-minute riverside walk away, where there's a wide choice of cafes and restaurants.

All equipment is provided, so there's no need to bring your own mat, blanket, bolster or block - we have everything you will need. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.


Lucia Cockcroft

Lucia Cockcroft has practised mindfulness extensively, in the UK and abroad. Through her company, Satvada Retreats, she leads mindfulness and yoga retreats in Morocco and the UK, and is studying for an MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches at the University of Bangor. Lucia is also a qualified Mindfunless in Schools teacher. She is passionate about the role of this ancient - yet incredibly relevant and needed - practice in promoting wellbeing and understanding.