Deep rest mini-retreats


Is it for me?

These deeply nourishing mini-retreats are for you if you feel tired, stressed or in need of time out. We'll enjoy a wonderfully soothing blend of very gentle mindful movement, relaxation (including yoga nidra – guided relaxation), mindfulness and Restorative Yoga. The intention is to allow a nurturing, space to unwind, and experience the profoundly calming benefits of these soft elements of yoga and meditation. Most definitely not one for you if you're looking for an active class, but perfect if you're looking to – well – rest deeply, in a safe and supportive environment, close to home.

Why take a Deep Rest mini-retreat with us?

Self-care is hugely important, yet in our 24/7 culture, it can be incredibly challenging to find time to stop, and also to give ourselves permission to do so. Yet looking after ourselves is not just self-care – it's essential to tend to our own needs for replenishment and rest, in order to look after others, and enjoy fulfilling relationships. These mini-retreats are for you if you're looking to spend a few hours out of demands and come back to yourself, with kindness. 

Deep Rest Yoga Mini retreat
Our current epidemic of chronic exhaustion, agitation (feeling 'tired but wired') anxiety and depression and stress-related problems such as IBS and insomnia, are at record levels. 

Our nervous systems are constantly under pressure from the demands of technology, whilst the unrelenting speed of contemporary life leaves no respite for frazzled bodies and minds. We find we can no longer switch off.

We are proud to be bringing together the ancient (and healing) wisdom of soft, contemplative aspects of mindfulness and gentle yoga, to help bring us out of our busy minds and into a deeper appreciation of our bodies, and of the joy of the present moment.

We have been running acclaimed three-night mindfulness retreats in Norfolk for some years, which also bring together nurturing aspects of mindfulness, very gentle movement, yoga nidra and restorative yoga. We are delighted to be offering this on a smaller scale, rolled into two and half hours of pure self-care, at our lovely studio at the top of Moulsham Mill.

All welcome – complete beginners to yoga or mindfulness very welcome. The only prerequisite being you should be able to climb four flights of steep stairs, and to get on and off the floor without difficulty.

Your teachers

Lucia co-runs Yoga At The Mill with her partner, Darren. Lucia first discovered yoga 25 years ago, whilst looking for a non-competitive way to improve wellbeing. Lucia has studied Mindfulness Based Approaches with Bangor University at Postgraduate level. She has 12 years' varied teaching experience, and a particularly love of these softer, deep aspects of the yoga and meditation traditions. Lucia's specialist training includes Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Vikki Stevenson has a wealth of experience teaching general yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness. She has specialist training with a range of teachers include Judith Lasater, and co-teaches our Norfolk mindfulness weekends with Lucia. Vikki also teaches our Yoga for Sleep courses, and is an experienced Yoga Nidra teacher, having trained with Uma  some years ago, and delivering our regular Friday night Yoga Nidra workshops. 

Fast facts

Next dates and booking

  • Sat Nov 9, Sat Jan 25. Timing 2.30pm - 4pm

The cost of each 2.5 hour mini retreat is £40.00. For booking, please click our workshops page here.


To decide whether our deep rest mini retreats, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a small, friendly, very gentle workshop, aimed at relaxing the body and mind?
  • A workshop that is suitable for advanced and beginners alike?
  • A very gentle, nurturing environment to relax and unwind?

What shall I bring?

All equipment is provided for you, so there's no need to bring your own mat, blanket, bolster or block - we have everything you will need. :)

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.