Gentle Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation


Is it for me?

We are finding it is increasingly common for people to look for a very gentle yoga class that blends some soft movement with mindfulness, relaxation and some accessible breathwork. So we are excited to be running two – on Saturday mornings and Monday early evenings - further weekly classes offering this powerfully rejuvenating combination. Perfect if you are seeking restorative, meditative sessions suitable for most people, and an approach that blends mindfulness with accessible physical postures.

Why take a gentle yoga, meditation, relaxation class with us?

Our popular Thursday morning class with similar content has been running for approaching ten years. So we are super-pleased to be rolling the format out to a Monday early evening (5.45-7pm) class – a perfect opportunity for serious de-stressing, and for getting out of our heads, into the bodies.

Gentle Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation
Each session includes a combination of gentle mindful movement, meditation and relaxation. We may start with a body scan from the mindfulness tradition, or a long guided visualisation from the yoga tradition, before going on to loosen the body with some movement. 

Many people find that traditional static meditation – for example, sitting with the breath – is very challenging, and that practising mindfulness as a form of movement is significantly easier to maintain focus and re-connect with sensations the body may be experiencing. 

The content of these classes will explore both approaches, whilst sometimes including some simple breathwork (pranayama) to further help re-balance the central nervous system, soothing body and mind.

Class structure

Sessions include a mix of static and moving mindfulness (in the form of gentle movement), breathwork and relaxation.

Classes run as rolling six-week blocks. Most people re-book after the block finishes, or sign up for membership, meaning you are automatically booked onto the class of your choice on an ongoing basis (in addition to receiving a discount on the price, a free yearly workshop and the option to – with advance notice - make up two sessions in any six-week block).

It may be that, in time, you decide to move onto a stronger beginners' yoga class – or perhaps this soft, meditative format is exactly what you need.

Fast facts


We run two weekly Gentle Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation classes:

Mondays 5.45-7pm, with Caroline Rose

Thursdays 10.30-11.45am, with Lucia

For dates and booking, please go to the main schedule page for booking, and scroll down to the relevant day: click here


To decide whether these classes are for you, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a class that blends gentle yoga with mindfulness?
  • Are you looking for a focus on especially gentle mindful movement / yoga?
  • Are you new, or relatively new to yoga, and seeking a soft introduction?

What shall I bring?

All equipment is provided for you, so there's no need to bring your own mat, blanket, bolster or block - we have everything you will need. :)

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.