Mindful flowing yoga, with yin

Is it for me?

An hour's lunch time yoga class for all levels, comprising both flowing and static postures, taught with love and sensitivity. Equally suitable if you are are new to yoga, or looking to deepen your existing yoga practice. Please note: students should be able to get on and off the floor with ease. 

Why take a Mindful Flowing Yoga with Yin class with us?

Mindful flow with Yin Yoga

This class is for you if you prefer to practice during the day and you're interested in experiencing a mindful approach to yoga that incorporates flowing movement with longer-held floor-based postures (an approach sometimes referred to as yin yoga).

Each class will end with a delicious Savasana – relaxation, to set you up for the rest of the day.

Our teacher, Amanda Houston, teaches with warmth, encouragement and a smile. Amanda has specialist training in yin yoga a strong interest in bringing mindfulness – gentle, present centred awareness – into the physical aspects of yoga. She teaches very much from her own practice.

Fast Facts


12-1pm, Tuesdays, from February 26, 2019

For easy online booking, see our schedule page. Scroll down to Tuesday. 


To decide whether our Mindful flowing yoga, with yin classes are suitable for you, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you able to get on and off the floor with ease? May not suit those working with health problems.
  • Are you seeking a mindful, varied approach?
  • Are you looking to boost physical and mental wellbeing through enhancing strength, flexibility and awareness?



Amanda Houston, who teaches with a smile and great encouragement. Amanda has specialist training in yin yoga, yoga nidra and yoga for sleep.

Yoga found her first in South Africa in 1999, but somehow the timing wasn’t right. A second attempt in the UK, in 2001, was far more successful and led Renate to doing her Teacher Training with Yoga Vidya in 2002 in Germany.

After having lived in the Yoga Vidya Ashram for 7 months, teaching and working, Renate started up classes in Brentwood. Over the last 16 years she has added to her repertoire and has found that a lot of the skills she learnt in Yoga, she really wants kids and young people to know, so they have them to hand a lot earlier than she did!

Renate is a Relax Kids Coach, trained with Rainbow Yoga (Kids Yoga, Partner Yoga & Community Yoga) and Teen Yoga.