Yoga for runners and cyclists workshop


Is it for me?

Yoga is practiced widely by amateur and professional sportsmen and women of all ages. A regular practice can be hugely beneficial in helping avoid injury, maintain cardiac fitness levels and improve all-round flexibility and conditioning. This taster workshop will show you how. Suitable for complete beginners as well as those with more experience.

Why take a Yoga for Runners and Cyclists workshop with us?

Perhaps you have heard about one of your sporting heroes or heroines being into yoga? There are too many to mention here – a few are: Ryan Giggs, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists
This two-hour workshop will give you a flavour of how yoga feels – physically and mentally. As well as the physical benefits of greater flexibility, balance and strength, yoga and meditation help focus the mind – essential to shave a little less off your best run or cycle time!

It's common to hear students describe how they feel after a yoga class. A good description is 'energised, yet relaxed'! We hope you'll get to experience this yoga 'after-glow'.

We'll achieve this by taking you through a carefully crafted sequence of yoga postures that may include core work, dynamic sun salutations and warrior poses.

As always at the end of a yoga class, we'll enjoy some all-important relaxation – time to absorb what's gone before and allow the mind and body to relax and re-boot before we re-join our weekend!

This session will be suitable for anyone looking to begin to experience how yoga can improve their sporting game, or overall fitness. Complete yoga beginners very welcome.

Your teacher

Sophie MacDonald
Izzie is a highly experienced teacher and practitioner. She has been teaching yoga for 11 years - both in France and the UK - and has taught students from a diverse range of backgrounds. She has training with the renowned ashtanga teaches Brian Cooper, David Swenson, Richard Freeman and, closer to home, Mark Freeth.

Izzie's teaching style focuses on the individual and her classes promote self- awareness, with strong emphasis on the breath. Her main specialism is ashtanga yoga: the dynamic, flowing method of yoga originally brought to a wide Western audience by the Indian master Pattabhi Jois, made famous in the west by a celebrity following amongst the likes of Madonna and Sting.

Fast facts

Dates and booking

Watch this space for our next dates.


To decide whether our Yoga for runners and cyclists workshop is for you, simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a small, friendly class specifically designed for sports enthusiasts?
  • Do you wish to increase flexibility and strength, as well as your general well-being?
  • Are you looking for a yoga class that will complement your running and/or cycling?

What shall I bring?

All equipment is provided for you, so there's no need to bring your own mat, blanket, bolster or block - we have everything you will need. :)

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.