Yoga at the mill

Welcome to Yoga at the Mill, Chelmsford

A little about us:

Nestling at the top of historic Moulsham Mill in central Chelmsford, our thriving studio is a friendly, dedicated space for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Our groups are small and personal, and the informal, quiet environment, a long way from the impersonal vibe of a hall or gym.

We have an amazing range of talented teachers who take a mindful, inclusive approach to mind/body wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people are put off starting yoga as they feel they are too inflexible, or not young enough. We are passionate that yoga and meditation are for everyone and offer accessible, sensitive teaching where we hope you'll feel encouraged and inspired. Around 50% of our loyal, committed clients are members - and our small class sizes mean we work with committed students who return week after week.

In addition to approaching 30 weekly yoga classes, we run a full schedule of mindfulness meditation, including the two scientifically proven eight-week courses, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy); and our long-standing Mindfulness Foundation course.

Our formats

Day retreats:

Rest & Relax Workshops

We are excited to be offering a) yoga and b) silent mindfulness day retreats, running regularly on Saturdays.

Our mindfulness day retreats offer a space, quiet space to take time out and nurturing your health and wellbeing. They are for anyone open to the idea of a day practising mindfulness in friendly silence. No previous meditation experience needed - just an open mind!

Our yoga days are also open to complete beginners and those seeking a nurturing small group day retreat, led by an expert teacher. 

Existing YATM students, and graduates of our mindfulness courses, receive a discount on all our day retreats. To find out more, please see our Mindfulness Day Retreats page and our Yoga Day Retreats page.

Mindfulness courses:

Mindfulness Foundation Course

Our next five-week Mindfulness Foundation / Introduction course, held across Thursday evenings, will start in October 2018.

We are also very pleased to again be offering Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT): the pioneering eight-week mindfulness course, (delivered internationally and recommended by NICE).

Mindfulness meditation has surged in popularity over the last five years, and can be viewed as a complete antidote to the pressures and speed of our contemporary lifestyles.

We are proud to be one of the main providers of mindfulness courses and classes in the South East. Our mindfulness courses are taught in an accessible, friendly and secular way, led by highly trained, experienced teachers.

Yin Yoga Workshops:

Yin Yoga Workshops

Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga which is always practised in a seated position, using restful postures, which encourage concentration on the here and now, through bodily sensations and the awareness of our breathing. 

This is why Yin Yoga is often described as being a bridge between yoga and meditation.

This gentle practise relaxes the central nervous system, enabling a state of deep rest and stillness to be reached, while the body's connective tissues are gently stretched.

Our yin workshops take place once a quarter, on Saturday afternoons. To find out more, please visit our Yin Yoga Workshop page.

Mindfulness @ The Mill

Yoga classes at Yoga at the Mill in chelmsford, essex

We are super-proud to be one of the main centres for mindfulness provision in the South-East, with highly trained teachers and a broad mix of classes. We run both internationally recognised eight-week courses, MBSR (Mindfulness Baesd Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindulness Based Cognitive Therapy on Tuesday evenings. Also on the menu is our popular Mindfulness Foundation (introduction) course.. 

Intensive four-week courses

Yoga workshops at Yoga at the Mill in chelsmford, essex

We are delighted to be rolling out more Complete Beginners' Yoga courses in September and November 2018: friendly four-session classes over 90 or 120 minutes, designed for those completely new to yoga. We also run a groundbreaking Yoga for Anxiety course - next dates TBA. In line with our philosophy, all these courses will be delivered in an accessible, non-dogmatic, personal way.

Friday night workshops

Yoga students relaxing in childs pose in our workshop

Our legendary Friday night sessions are the new healthy way to mark the end of your week! Think resting, breathing and 'me time, to calm the nervous system and restore wellbeing to body and mind. Advanced booking vital, and booking is for each single workshop (not a course or block). Our restorative Rest and Relax sessions run on the first Friday of the month, from 8-9.30pm. Our deeply calming yoga nidra sessions run on the third and fourth Friday of the month, from 8-9pm.


Yoga in the studio

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation, first practiced in India many thousands of years ago. Initially, the physical postures performed by holy men were developed  for the body to be strong and flexible enough to sit comfortably on the floor for meditation. Rolling  forward a long way: the practice of yoga came to the west in the 1960s and soon exploded in popularity. Since then, yoga has shaken off its hippy image and become totally mainstream, taught in schools and offices around the country as well as in gyms and studios. People who practice yoga regularly say they feel calmer, stronger, happier and healthier, and we testify to this, from our own experience and the feedback we receive from our students. We are not alone: there is a raft of scientific evidence showing the physical and psychological benefits of a regular yoga practice. And so it is a joy and privilege to provide a safe space for you to experience the life-changing benefits, too. Namaste.

Mindfulness meditation

Meditation practice

Although now taught in the west (and at our studio) in a totally secular way, mindfulness meditation originated at the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago. There is evidence that the ancient yogis (see left column) also practised a form of mindfulness, though the Buddhists were the first to formalise the practice in ancient texts. When we are mindful, we are aware of our present moment experience in a kind, accepting away. Mindfulness training brings us out of our heads and re-connects us to our bodies and senses. It invites us to become familiar with our thoughts and emotions - not to change or fix them in any way, but to have a whole new insight into the habits that do not serve us well. In this way, mindfulness creates space for us to respond to any situation with clarity and wisdom. Hundreds of research reports show that a daily mindfulness practice of only 15-20 minutes a day leads to greater mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The only way to know is to practice.

Luxury Retreats: Morocco, Croatia and the UK. 

Through Yoga at the Mill's sister company, Satvada Retreats, we run friendly yoga and mindfulness escapes to Norfolk, Croatia and Morocco. Many of our guests are new, or relatively new, to yoga or meditation (or both) and Yoga at the Mill's philosophy of inclusivity and authenticity also distinguishes our approach to retreats. Everyone taking one class a week or more with us at the Mill enjoys a 10% discount on any retreat or holiday (of longer than one day). Come alone, with a friend, relative or partner - we'd love for you to join us for some time away to slow down, breathe more deeply, eat and live well. A couple of our upcoming retreat are detailed below. For further details and our full schedule of retreats, see Satvada Retreats website.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing Weekend, Norfolk

Norfolk Mindfulness for wellbeing retreat

This three-night winter retreat is set in gorgeous, meticulously converted barns, in the heart of rural Norfolk. Enjoy winter walks, chats by the wood burner, delicious vegetarian cooking, beautifully taught restorative yoga to complement the mindfulness practices. A chance to rest deeply, pause, and 'be'. Our next retreat is March 2018 and taught by Yoga at the Mill founder, Lucia Cockcroft. See Satvada Retreats Mindfulness for Wellbeing Weekend page to find out more and to book.

Yoga and Walking in the atlas mountains

Retreats with our sister company Satvada

Our sought-after Atlas Walking & Yoga holidays are highly recommended by Marie Claire Magazine. You'll stay in an eco-friendly Berber castle in the Atlas mountains, and enjoy daily guided hikes from the door; full (generous) board; and two daily mindful yoga classes.Our next retreat is 18th March 2018. See Satvada Retreats Yoga and Walking in the Atlas Mountains page to find out more and to book.